Portrait of me, seated outdoors in front of an antique, ornate, grayish door. I'm wearing a white collared shirt with a black suit jacket and black tie. My hair is gray, short, and wavy. I'm looking at the camera and half-smiling contentedly.
Photo by Darcy Rose

Creative Recovery Episode 11 – Exploring Gender Queerness Through Fiction, July 2021

A conversation with writer Brenna Fitzgerald about the very personal process of writing and finding a publisher for my forthcoming novel Endpapers, which explores gender-queerness among other themes. We also discuss the messy experiment of living a creative life, giving yourself permission to create and to fail, expressing vulnerability in fiction, exploring gender-queerness through writing, staying true to yourself while selling a book, navigating fear, doubt, and rejection, and how creative expression serves healing and growth.

Striving for Imperfection: Seeking Perseverance, April 14, 2021

A conversation with novelist Amy Wallen about the long process to get a novel written, finding an agent, getting a book deal, and what to believe in along the journey. If you dream of writing a novel, are writing a novel, or are trying to get a novel published, we hope you’ll find some inspiration here to keep going. 

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